Clubhouse: How To Make A Good Bio

Clubhouse, the invite-only social media is gaining popularity fast. It blends together the best aspects of your favorite social media apps with some new features that make the app accessible for more. Unlike a lot of “social” media platforms, Clubhouse is an audio chat platform in which you create groups and discuss topics that are interesting to you ranging from music to stock investments. Moderators create the room and can invite people to speak on the topic. As an audience member, you have the ability to raise your hand and get involved in the conversation as well. Interest has spiked in the app since big names like Elon Musk, Vlad Tenev, and Gary V have started hosting chats.

So once you get your invite and get on the app, what’s the best way to optimize your Clubhouse bio so that you can find the people you’re looking for and grow your following?


Like many social networks, you have the ability to create a biography that is personal to you. This is like your elevator pitch. Talk about who you are, what you do, and what you’re interested in. Additionally, connect your Twitter & Instagram to your profile for more connectivity across platforms. As of right now, the bio doesn’t seem to have a character limit and leads to a lot of search-ability for other users. 


When you’re writing your bio, think about what you want out of the app. If you’re looking to network, then you should spend some time determining the people with who you want to connect and find the ideal keywords for that. The keywords that are the most relevant to you will be in the first few lines of your bio. For instance, if I want people to find me for WordPress help, ‘WordPress Web Designer’ would be in the first line or two of my bio. As you build up followers, you will rank higher in these searches for other users.


A really neat feature of each Clubhouse bio is how emojis can help. Users have the ability to search by Emoji to find people. Now, this can be tricky when you start to have people using the same emoji for different topics, but when used intentionally, it can get your profile shown to more people. Not only does using the emoji help your profile if you use the correct language in your bio, but you can also show up for emoji searches. A great example is if I search using the computer emoji and someone has ‘computer’ in their bio, they have a better chance of being seen on that search.

Get Involved In The Conversation 

If you’re looking to increase your following or connect with different people, a great way to start is to raise your hand and start talking. Make sure you introduce yourself when you start talking, use your manners (remember to mute yourself if you’re not talking!), and bring something meaningful to the conversation. Note when you’re in a room that there is a hierarchy of the profiles, which is the stage where people have the ability to speak, ‘Followed by the speakers’, ‘others in the room’, and more. The higher up you are in the chat, the more visible you are to others in the room so make friends genuinely and intentionally. 


The app is still being developed, but as it continues to grow and gain popularity I’m positive that changes will come. If you’re on the app now, make sure your profile is optimized and start engaging, if you want to get on the app, make sure you join the list here. When you’ve joined, let’s connect: @holly.taipala.