Keep Your Marketing Consistent with A Customized Style Guide For Your Business

A style guide or sometimes referred to as a brand guide outlines important marketing information for all the people on your team who may need to refer back to this document.

Style Guides are very helpful for small business owners and start-ups. If you are struggling with keeping consistent branding across documents, social, websites, and any form of communication that is sent out internally or externally this is a great tool for you. This guide assists your team in creating a brand that is recognizable, consistent, and impactful.

I work with your team to create the best style guide for your business. The basics include logos and correct usage as well as brand colors, fonts, and tone. More specific items in style guides include relevant social hashtags, emoji usage, and how your business utilizes image, text, and video content. Style guides are meant to help guide your business in the correct direction. This means that whatever you feel is important will go into this document, and as your brand grows so does your style guide. Changing and adapting to your business as fast as you do.


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