Balanced + Well

Balanced + Well is A holistic approach to counseling and coaching for stress management, anxiety, and well-being. I work with the client to develop content for social, specifically Instagram. To learn more about Balanced + Well and see more of the brand, click here.

Instagram Content Creation

The client wanted a cohesive brand image on her social with a “grid-like” design. To create this Instagram content, I developed a variety of similar pieces to be used in a pattern on social media. All of the content below follows a similar font, color, and theme based on the description of the brand the client offered. Below are some key metrics since I began this project in November of 2020:

  • Account has seen 19.8% growth in following over 3 months
  • Engagement rates per post have seen an increase of 2% on average

3-Months of Insight Via Later: