Mission Menstruation

Mission Menstruation is a startup nonprofit focused on ‘holding academic institutions accountable for providing free period products for all students.’ I am the current marketing chair and am on the executive board for this project. This means I work to form a brand voice, create content, generate email campaigns, interact with the community, make business decisions, and build the website.

Instagram Content

Increased reach of account over 150% October 2020 to November 2020. Additionally, we raised over $400 through a one-day organic Instagram campaign I worked on. On top of this, I’ve developed new relationships with other businesses and found new advocates through social engagement.


Using WordPress, I built a website for the startup. Some of the key features include an up-to-date showcase of Instagram posts, information about the business, and links to all other social. Below, is a button to explore the site. This is not the final site as we’re constantly discussing how to improve it.

Email Development

I work on the creation and distribution of a monthly newsletter. I provide updates and information to advocates and supporters on what we’ve accomplished in the last month as well as showcase our latest work and important period poverty updates.

Sample Email: